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drinking in the U.K.

My husband and I will be in England, Scotland and Wales. We are wine lovers/drinkers and are wondering about the price of wine by the bottle in supermarkets, etc. Here at home we usually pay $5-8 per bottle at Trader Joe's and are happy with what we can get. Is wine outrageously expensive in the U.K.? Can we come even close to that price-range? We travel light so we could conceivably carry a few bottles with us based on U.K. restrictions. Any knowledge/experience that you are willing to share would be appreciated. Thanks, Velda

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To clarify...

You cannot put wine, beer or any liquid in your carry on luggage on any flight in/to Europe/North America/soon Australia unless it is in a container no larger than 100ml. The only exception are items bought in duty free, but depending on the whims of the security folks, rules on duty free can vary. And I would not risk putting wine in a checked-bag - it'll get stolen or broken.

So, I would just buy it in the UK. There is definately a great range of wine/beer/cider at reasonable prices in just about any supermarket.


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Wine is available in Britain at all prices from about £3 ($6) upwards. You can certainly buy a wide range of good wine for about £5 ($10) a bottle, and this is what is generally available in supermarkets. The U.K. probably imports wine from a larger number of countries than anywhere else, so there is a good choice. Some specialist wine merchants only deal in more expensive wines, but most will sell at a range of prices. There are also many good beers and ciders from small producers that are widely available, and well worth trying.

There are age restrictions on who can buy alcohol, but you will find wine at virtually all supermarkets. Just buy it when you buy your food.

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In addition to checking in the supermarkets, I would check a store called "Odd Bins". They have good prices on liquor and wine. Lots of locations in London and other UK towns.

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Oddbins is a nice little wine shop. They have one in York and Oxford for sure. They are well infromed and do offer a variety of wines. Plus they always have a smile. They are mine wine store. And i have been living in the Uk for a year now.