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Diggerland - Kent

Hello. Has anyone been here and convey their experience? This isn't in RS' book and is the one place my 8-yo son is absolutely thrilled about. Just curious, the website makes it seem like much fun and I'm unsure whether we can go here and to the Chislehurst Caves in the same day. (daytripping from London)

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not only 8 year old kids are interested in it. Big big kids like me, too. I keep trying to get my wife to go with me but so far no luck. Maybe you will have a great time and write about it here and then I can get her to go.... LOL

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Well Nigel you could volunteer to help guide us through Diggerland and consider it a charitable gesture designed to enhance world peace :-) You'd be doing a charitable service! Yes, I will post a review and will be sure to include how much fun the adults had there!!! Thanks for responding.

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Hmm, I'm sure I'm not the only dad who wishes he had known about this a few years ago... Anyway, for no other reason than to show how iconic the JCB digger is and what it means to many young boys, here's the video for the JCB Song, which was a minor hit in the UK a few years ago:

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To visit Chislehurst Caves (btw live a couple of miles away) on the same day you could use Sidcup railway station which is between London and Strood. Chislehurst station is on a different line. Either catch a taxi to the Caves or a bus from Sidcup station to Chislehurst station. Link to Transport for London's Journey Planner.