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Denmark: Copenhagen wheelchair rental

I am taking my mother who sometimes uses a wheelchair because of fatigue to Denmark in June. I toyed with the idea of renting a wheelchair in the US and taking it with us, but I hate to have to pay for the entire chair if it is destroyed in travel. So I wondered if anyone had rented a chair in Denmark - and could suggest the best place to look. We would probably want to pick it up in Copenhagen.

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Hi Phoebe- Thanks for the Wheelchair in a bag idea. I have been checking both the Acessible Europe group and some other sites I found online - in a way that's why I was lookign at renting once we are there after I heard about stories of wheelchairs being damaged en route.

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First, Denmark is a very accessible country and they seem to be very concious of and cater to the disabled/handicapped.

I found these on Google:

If you want to take one with you, try Wheelchair-in-a-Bag (not expensive, really, at $269 and only 18 pounds with it's own carry bag) at:

To rent one with a rental car, try Avis' mobility scooter and see if they have the program in Denmark:

Good luck!

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Also-have you checked the other site on the Graffiti Wall called Accessible Europe?