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Day trip to Hastings

I was looking into a day trip for 5 to Hastings from London this July; it seems to have a lot of interesting things to see and do. (We've been to Bath and Stonehenge already on another trip). When I looked into getting there the British Rail fare was @ 100 pounds ($200) each person. And National Express bus doesn't leave until after 3 p.m. (doesn't encourage day trips). Any ideas how to get there at a reasonable price and time?

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I have been to Hastings and don;t thnk it is that interesting. But a little farther on the train line
is Rye which is very quaint and fun to visit.

You need to get the special fare---book ahead (now)
tickets for the train.

When I first visited Rye, I was dying to go to Sissinghurst (no public transportation)and I managed to make a deal with a taxi driver to take me there and was affordable then but that was a long time ago. Sisssinghurst (if you don't know)
is about the most famous garden in England and should be fabulous now. It is not far from Rye.

Have a lovely trip.

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A London-Hastings cheap day return (roundtrip) train ticket is £25.40.

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If you're going to Hastings because of "The Battle of H", you might get more out of Battle Abbey. As I recall, there is an audiophone tour & you can see more of the actual battlefield area.