Day trip to Cardiff

we're tossing around the idea of taking a day trip from Stow in the Wold to Cardiff while we are in GB. We will have several days in the Cotswolds and have Stow as a base. I have printed out map and directions, which says 87.5 miles and approx. 85 minutes. What kind of drive would this be? Scenic? Longer than the map says? It looks like the route is a mix of A and M motorways - this is our first time driving in GB but won't be the first day. Thanks!

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I drove it and most of it was just a lovely scenic and not busy drive. Last trip there I did have a GPS and that was a bonus. It was a little confusing once I arrived in Cardiff, but not bad. It was a nice day trip and if I remember correctly we had some great fish at a little 'chippie'.

Posted by Cindy
Guthrie, OK
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Thank you, Terry. Just what we wanted - not a busy drive. I expect Cardiff will be a bit busy, though. We'll look in to it some more and decide if it is worth a day.

Posted by Ed
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Just after your cross the Severn Bridge if you hook a right and go a couple or three miles you'll be at Chepstow. The castle is small and relatively intact. It's a perfect example of what a true castle should be. It's worth at least an hour.

Posted by Brian
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I would suggest there are more scenic destinations than Cardiff itself. From Stow you can aim at Symonds Yat, Chepstow and Tintern Abbey (oe of my all-time best sites). There are many other small cathedral towns as well if that is something you would like. Or more likely you will decide that another day in the Cotswolds is more enticing. For scenery, avoid the A and Ms and go for the slower country roads

Posted by John
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While in Cardiff, be sure to try a pint of Brains beer. Makes Guinness look pale.