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Day trip- Bath to St. Fagans?

Hi, We're contemplating a day trip in August from Bath to St. Fagans museum, just outside of Cardiff; hourly trains run the route, then getting a bus or taxi to the museum, then back to Bath via the train. Seems like an easy day trip without a car. We're getting a car the next day to travel to Avebury, then the Costwalds for a couple of nights. Has anybody tried this day trip (with or without a car)? Thanks!

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I can't comment on St. Fagans being a day trip from Bath. We have been there twice and think it's really worthwhile - that's all I can comment on. We had a car and were staying in Cardiff so it was easy for us, and we very much enjoyed it.

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The train to Cardiff from Bath is fast and pleasant but cost me more than a hire car would have cost the last time I did it. I.E. more than 20 pounds. I therefore suggest a car if there is a few of you.

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Suggest you just get the car a day early if possible rather than train, bus or taxi.

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thanks for the replies; looks like we might change our itinerary- pick up car at heathrow, spend night in avebury, go to the costwalds for 3 nights, then on to cardiff and St. Fagans. The car will give us a lot more flexibility, and cost less in the long run.
Thanks for your replies! Tony

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I loved Bath and would love to return. My husband was speaking at a conference in Reading. I took the bus to the train station in the morning. Toured Bath then caught the train back. I returned in time to have dinner with my husband that evening. It was a delightful day trip. Next time I'd like to spend a night in Bath.