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day trip

I find myself with most of an extra day while in London. We will be traveling in the morning to Oxford to see the grave of Tolkien and the pub. But other than that, my other half, for whom the day trip is planned, has no plans for the town. Should we stay and see more of it, or travel somewhere else like Wales or Ireland? And if it is travel, how would that work?

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Let me understand you: While in London you find you have an extra day and the early half of it you will be in Oxford and you want to know if you should/could spend the 2nd half going to Ireland or Wales? It won't work. Oxford is a lovely city and I have been there several times. I'ts Inspector Morse' home, and there is lots to see there. If it really isn't your cup of tea and Tolkiens Grave is the only draw for you, you can go up to Woodstock and visit Blenheim. If you have only one extra day (in London) you can't possibly make it to Wales or Ireland.

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The actual trip is 6 days with one day for touring Paris via one of the hop on hop off tours. Since my traveling party is also made up of my 10 year old son we need to find things that would be of interest for him, so that's why the little interest in Oxford.

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Oxford is about 32 colleges. One is Christchurch. It is usually open for tours and your son will recognize parts from the Harry Potter movies. There are also Alice in Wonderland sites but that may not appeal to your son.