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Customs @ long on average?

We are flying into Heathrow in June arriving at 1615 (providing no delays). Anyone have any guesses on the time it takes to clear customs?(We are not checking luggage).

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It varies at Heathrow depending on the terminal to which you arrive, time of day, and what other planes have arrived at the same time. It has taken me as little as 10 minutes to more than an hour to get through passport control. I usually find that it takes longer at Terminal 3 than terminal 4. After you get through passport control, you will continue past the baggage reclaim through customs.

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I, too, have had varied experiences at Heathrow. On my last trip through it took about 15 minutes to get through passport control. I've had it take much longer. On my last trip, I arrived at Terminal 3 at 8:40 AM on a Saturday morning. You don't say what day of the week you are arriving, but that could make a difference, too.

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Why do you ask? Do you need to catch a connecting flight on another airline, or just trying to plan ahead.

I've generally had good luck at LHR, like the first 2 replies. However, if you need to make a connecting flight, allow 3 hours. If you are just wondering, or trying to plan for airport pick-up, catching the tube or train, plan for 1-2 hours. If it's less, have a cuppa tea.