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Crocs In England?

The best shoes (for me, anyway) are my crocs. I can walk all day in those things and my feet feel great with no blisters. However, they have holes in them!

So what's better - wear quick drying socks and the shoes that feel wonderful or something all closed in that will keep my feet dry and miserable?

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I too am a crocs lover. I was at the mall a few weeks ago and noticed at the croc stand that they have new closed toed shoes - almost like tennis shoes. They also make croc clogs without holes in them. I own three pair - I'm a nursing student and I wear these for my clinicals. I would and probably will wear a brown or black pair so they don't stand out too much although when I was in Europe last summer I saw a few europeans wearing them.

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I have a pair of crocs with no holes in them. I also have a pair of sandals that I lived in this summer.

I would suggest checking at a local department store to see what's available. If they do not have what your looking for, I think you can buy them online from the manufacturer's website.

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Congrats on going for nursing! There are a few of us that always wear our Crocs at work. I can work a 12 hour shift in my crocs and my feet feel better than when I work an 8 hour shift in my athletic shoes. Crocs all the way for me!

I could try some w/o the holes, but that means I'd have to buy yet another pair of crocs. I already have 6 pair! But hey, when you can buy 3 pair for the same price as one pair of athletic shoes, why not??? :)