Cork, Ireland Guide Needed

I am looking for a personal tour guide in Cork, Ireland to take our family around to see some of the surround area and towns like Kinsale, Cobh, etc. If you know of any good guides, I would appreciate your recommendation. Or if you know of a source I can find good tour guides in that area. Thank you in advance for you help!

Posted by Angye
Bury St Edmunds, UK
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Hi Faith! If you don't have luck finding a personal tour guide, then you might ask the cab companies if they would provide a driver for the day. One of our cab drivers when we went to Cork mentioned he had done this a few times. I have no idea what it would cost, but they would definitely know the area. If you do this, I recommend asking for someone who is originally from the area.

Posted by Faith
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
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Thanks so much for the info! John the resource is super! I have emailed all guides and I'm sure will gather a wealth of information there. Many thanks!

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Enjoy the charms of Cork, which include a sturdy pub music heritage. I don't mean Danny Boy, but rather local musicians playing traditional tunes, some of them freshly written, on traditional instruments. The best aren't even on stage, but huddled in a corner of the pub and essentially playing for themselves. Your hotel can give advice and there are entertainment guides on-line. In the same mood, the Jameson distillery in Midlton just outside the city gives a good tour and is easily reached by the municipal bus line.
Unlike the company's distillery in Dublin, this one is still working.