Copenhagen and then what???????

Planning a visit to our daughter who is doing a semester in Copenhagen and trying to decide what to do with 5 days we want to spend traveling away from Denmark. Trying to wrap my arms around the possibilities. Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin or Berlin?? Any thoughts/suggestions will be much appreciated!

Posted by gone
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hi, think about what you like, then readup or google whats there to do and see in each place you listed then go from there. happy trails.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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5 days can do reasonable justice for any of the cities you mention. 5 days in Berlin might be a bit much for some, but that can include a day trip to places like Potsdam. 5 days for Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn is about right if you fly open jaw. You can spend 3 days in Stockholm, 2 days in Helsinki with one of those a day trip to Tallinn. Don't forget to take the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki (or Tallinn) which has an amazing scenary. As to which combo you'd prefer, that has to be up to you. The Baltic cities offer the broadest range of cultures, architecture and history. But Berlin has wonderful museums.

Posted by Pamela
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You could also head south to Amsterdam and Holland. You would have time to also go to the Hague or to the countryside or a bit of both.

Posted by Kim
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Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of combining Stockholm with Tallin and Helsinki but worried that it would be too rushed. Like the idea of open jaw so will look into that!

Posted by Brad
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Tallinn and Helsinki don't need much time, they can be done as a day trip from a ferry. Stockholm has more to see and do, depending on what you like.