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Copenhagen airport hotel?

Upon flying back to the U.S. January 11 2011, we will have a "forced layover" in Copenhagen, arriving 10pm and leaving the next day at noon. I have yet to find an airport hotel (or one quite close) that is reasonably priced (Hilton is $400!!), has a complimentary breakfast, and a free airport shuttle that runs past 10pm (the Dan stops at 9:45pm). We would also very much like one with a sauna or steam room. I would expect these amenities in a sophisticated city like Copenhagen, since most major cities have such offerings. But I've had trouble finding the right hotel, even after searching all the popular and well-known sites. I would pay up to $200, preferably less [INVALID] but not $400 like the Hilton.

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We got a great deal at the Hilton thru my work, about $189 if I remember correctly. Don't give up on finding deals-sometimes you'll get them closer to your departure date.

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Your comment about the free shuttle has me wondering if there are two Hiltons in Copenhagen. The Hilton hotel in the airport is IN the airport. The terminal-hotel walk takes less than five minutes. We paid around $200 for that hotel with on-line booking and no special deal that I can recall. Out of curiosity, I just googled the Copenhagen airport Hilton and saw an offer of a room, including breakfast for 1420 DK, which translates to $242, including tax. You have to prepay. The site also lists a fitness center, pool, and spa among their amenities.

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I think you should drop the idea of having a hotel shuttle since almost no hotel in Copenhagen offers this service. It would restrict you too much. Take a taxi instead. Park Inn has fitness, pool and sauna, it's close to the airport and is reasonably priced. If you haven't got too much luggage, you could also pick a downtown Copenhagen hotel, it's only 13 minutes with the metro or the train, and you could see the city a bit. The area surrounding the airport is not very interesting. It's safe and clean, but it's just suburbs with not much to do outside the hotel.

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We stayed in Hotels near Nyhaven/Kongens Nytorv. From there we were able to take the Metro from Kongens Nytorv station to the Airport in less than 15 minutes. Hotel Phoenix was very nice and two or three blocks to the metro. Hotel Opera was even closer, not as nice as Phoenix but certainly good enough, only a block from the metro. I'm hesitant to recommend Opera. I booked a room including breakfast but they charged me again for breakfast when I checked out (and it's not resolved yet).

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We are currently staying at the Crowne Plaza near the airport in Copenhagen. Rate is $169, I think, but with taxes it's $200. They have shuttle to airport (or at least signs that say so), but no sauna or steam or pool or jacuzzi. They do have exercise machines. No breakfast included for that rate. It's $30 per person, so we'll be doing coffee in room. I wanted to do the B&B thing, but husband wouldn't go for it. Room is ok, comfortable enough, but very modern, while I'm not. What you see outside the window is bleak[INVALID]all modern box-like towers or under construction. I'd much prefer to be in town. Drive through town was charming, just coming from cruise terminal. Depends on whether you want 600 year old buildings or brand new. All are expensive here. Rick Steves gives you the most economical suggestion[INVALID]B&B, but no sauna there, I think. Good luck!