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By an unforseen turn of events, it looks like I'll have a few weeks in Europe very soon. I've never been to Scandinavia, but I think I may want to dip my toe in the water, so to speak. How long would you recommend for a decent, if not thorough, overview of Copenhagen? Two nights? And is there any reason to cross the channel to Malmö or Göteborg, other than to say I've also been to Sweden?

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My husband and I are not fast travelers - we like to take a lot of time in each spot. We spent 6 days in Copenhagen and really loved it. (Places we went to: *National Museum, *Viking Ship Museum, *Frederickborg Castle, *Nazi Resistance Museum, Tivoli, *Dragor, Rosenborg Castle, *Frilandsmuseet, art museum, street markets, bus tour, just walking.) For Sweden we only took the train from Malmo - saw no sites - most of our time there has been in the south, along the east coast up to Stockholm. Wonderful place too. I think you could easily spend two days in Copenhagen and pick out some of the sites to see. Our favorites have a * beside them.

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I spent one day in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, and could happily have spent another couple there.

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We spent three nights in Copenhagen several years ago, and I thought that was about right. We saw most of the sites that Sharon saw, and really enjoyed them.

The only place I've been to in Sweden in Stockholm. If you have the time, I highly recommend it. It is absolutely beautiful.

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Copenhagen was one of our favorite places on an 11 day trip to Scandinavia last summer. Our favorite memory was renting bikes for the whole is a very bike- friendly city. We were there 2 nights. It was enough to get a taste for it. We loved Stockholm, but did not get anywhere else in Sweden. Copenhagen was smaller and easier to get around than Stockholm. We then flew from Copenhagen to Oslo, rented a car and spent 4 days in Norway. That was breathtaking.