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Cool Suggestion Needed for two nights

My 4 kids and I will be in London for two nights and then have two nights free before we have to be in Harwich to catch the ferry to Amsterdam. Would love to do something wild like sleep in a castle or on a working farm. Something crazy that boring American kids don't get to do.

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Hello Tracy. The city London is not boring. Most Americans going to London just want to find a hotel that they can afford to be at. Kids like walking through the sailing ship the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. If you will be away from London one whole day, there are many good possibilities for sightseeing. When I was in England, I thought that if American young people (teen age, or younger) would visit Warwick castle, they would be glad they came to England.

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Tracy, let's not tell the kids you called them boring!

London is a vibrant city. I think they'll be more than enough for all of you to do and see while you're there. London Theatre is great fun.

That said here are some different things to do. the Ghost, Jack the Ripper or Beatles tours

The National Theatre has a back stage tour as well.

Just be prepared for the sticker shock of London.

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If you have time before you go, get tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. You ( and 50 others) get to watch the guards lock up the Tower in a very cool ceremony. All narrated by a comical Beefeater. Tickets are free, but You have to request them, in writing, in advance. My kids thought it was one of the coolest things they saw on the whole trip. That the the world's largest trebuchet at Warwick.