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Converter for Ireland/Northern Ireland

I am traveling to Ireland/Northern Ireland in August and need to to purchase a voltage converter and adapters. We will be charging a digital camera and electirc razor and bringing a hair dryer. The camera will be fine with just an adapter, but I need a converter for the razor and hair dryer. Where did everyone buy their converters and adapters? I was looking at these 2 converters from Magellans.

Thanks for any help!

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Are you sure that your hotels won't provide hairdryers either in your room or at the desk for free or a nominal fee? What a pain to carry not only a hairdryer but a converter (and dang, those things are HEAVY) just for a hair dryer? And is it worth the hassle for an electric razor?

Anyway, if you must take these things and if you must get a converter, I'd go with the 2nd one (the white EuroSurge) because it weighs 6 ounces as oppozed to 16 - big difference for one little item. Plus it has 2 input plugs, so that might be convenient. They both appear to have the round european plugs, and that is different from what's used in the UK, so I would also just check to make sure they can be used with the proper UK Adapter. Happy travels :)

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Before you buy a converter, check your razor and hair dryer again. My razor is dual voltage and automatically switches between 110 and 220. My wife's travel hair dryer has a switch to change voltages.

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Robin, if you feel the need to take a hairdryer (I am) I suggest looking at travel dryers that have 110/220 so that you don't need the converter. I own one but only took it once. Too heavy and easier to just buy one. They run between $20 and $40. Mine is the $19.95 one. If you need a curlining iron I've seen dual voltage for $10 at Target. Then you can use your investments for a very long time and not have to drag around the heavy converter.