Convenient public transportation btwn Heathrow and Salisbury

Rick's book doesn't specifically say if it's possible to get directly from Heathrow to Salisbury. I know I could take the tube or trains from Heathrow into London and then trains from there to Salisbury. I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about going directly from the airport to Salisbury without going first into London and then to Salisbury. Any ideas at all gratefully appreciated! Still just in the dreaming/fantasizing stage... Thx in advance. Tom

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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National Express runs frequent coaches from Heathrow Airport to Woking, which is on the rail line from London to Salisbury. The journey time is 50 minutes, which will probably be less than or equal to the time from Heathrow to Waterloo station in central London. It is possible to prebook tickets at, but I don't think that would be necessary unless it was a very busy day/time.

Posted by Bob
Bristol, UK
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There are direct National Express coaches between Heathrow (Central bus station) and Salisbury, but they do not run very frequently. It would be best to check if there is one at a time convenient to you at

Posted by Suz
Denver, USA
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Thanks to Tom for asking, and to Philip and Bob for the information. I'm in the early planning stage for my next trip, and you all may see similar questions from me in the future. This specific information is relevant to my planning.