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cloudberry spirit

I'm looking for a spirit that I think is made in Finland from cloudberries. I think it's like a brandy. It might have been called something like Maci mari.

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I have a little 5cl bottle of "Lakka-Light" Cloudberry Liqueur, Kuopio, Finland.

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If you want cloudberry specifically look for the word "lakka"; "mesimarja" is arctic raspberry (delicious most definitely but not the fruit you're after). Lapponia's Lakka liqueur is the best by my reckoning; best sipped over ice or mixed as it's hellish sweet and thick as syrup...

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5837 posts "Two famous Finnish liqueurs should be tasted: lakka, made from the saffron-colored wild cloudberry, and mesimarja, made from the Arctic brambleberry." Ciders were also an enjoyable sweet treat. One could easily get very light-headed on a couple of pear ciders. Also interesting that the out (beer) glasses and wine glasses had lines etched on the glasses to mark the exact fill line for one serving.