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Clothes for Ireland

I'll be traveling to Ireland in late June for 3 weeks and am wondering what to pack. I'm unsure about the weather. Has anyone gone at that time?

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This is an excellent question. Irelands weather can change in a blink. I always pack for all types of weather. When I go I pack so that I can layer on or take off. I pack shorts,t-shirts, a sweat shirt, pants, jeans, the most important thing is go w/comfort. I always take a llbean windbreaker/water resistent for the 'soft' days. For special evenings or gatherings I pack black slacks nice top and change the look by using a scarf & in ireland you can buy several scarfs for yourself that will change the look. To jinx the weather I do pack one turtle neck; but have had to use it once or twice, usually at night. I pack as light as I can. I have been for 3 wks and at the end of the 1st week I drop off my laundrey at the local laundrette and go sight seeing. If you are doing self-catering you may have wash/dryer in your place or in the area.

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I am from Florida and I found Ireland to be quite cool even in August. It depends on your definition of hot. Pack a few long sleeve shirts. I bought a couple of sweaters while in Dublin

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We were there with a Rick Steves' tour the last two weeks in June in 2007. We were told that it was the coolest June in several years. I wore a light jacket, sweater, and t-shirt every day. I had taken mostly capri pants, and wound up wearing my one pair of long pants every day, and bought long socks because I had only taken short socks. My husband bought a wool sweater to wear while we were there. It also rained every single day, but always when we were on the bus or inside eating or at our hotel, so we never got wet, but carried our umbrellas everywhere we went...just in case. As long as you have clothes that layer, you will be fine, but be sure to take a jacket of some sort. We were always within sight of the coast, and the breezes were cool. Have a great trip. You will love Ireland!

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Regardless of time of year, the answer is always the same: Layers.

You never know what weather to expect. I was there late May/early June 2006 and it never rained, even got above 80 degrees F. Was there is late Sept/early Oct 2007 and had very little rain (though cool temps).

Bring several clothes that you can layer upon each other. That way you can adjust for whatever weather you encounter.

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Ireland is generally cool and often wet. I've had nice weather there that turns to rain and back in the course of an afternoon.

Layers are the key. Don't bring a heavy coat; bring a packable water proof shell with a hood that will keep you dry. If it's not raining, keep it ready in your daypack. Don't pack a heavy sweater; pack a couple of light merino wool or acrylic sweaters that can be layered in a pinch. If it's too warm for a sweater, keep one sweater in your daypack in case the weather changes.

If it gets really cold, buy some knit gloves, scarf and cap for extra warmth and to take home as souvenirs.

I pack two pairs of microfiber or equivalent long pants and bring shorts for pool or beach only. My wife always brings one light-weight knee length skirt, a pair of capris and a pair of pants that go with everything she packs.

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I was most happy to have a jacket that was wind-proof- though not too warm. Also useful was a scarf to tie securely over ears, and my sunglasses were invaluable. There was lots of walking around windy hill top castles.There was a "drop-off and pick up" laundry in Dingle that we wished we had known about ahead of time-wouldn't have packed so much. Would have loved having fresh smartwool socks every day-even in the summer. Great trip!

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Thanks for all the helpful hints. with all the information I'll have a lot of time to put together outfits.