Citylink in Scotland: Need Help Ordering Tickets Online

Has anyone figured out how to order tickets from Citylink using their online purchasing method? Here is what happens to me. There are two of us traveling. I choose the date I want and several different times are displayed. When I choose one, the available ticket types are listed. Good so far. I see, in pounds, there are tickets for 2, 27, and 4. Well, I want the 2 pound ticket so I click that and continue. It then displays in my "shopping cart" a ticket for 2 pounds and a ticket for 27 pounds. I do not want the 27 pound ticket--sorry for spelling out pound each time, can't find the symbol--so I click the X. It continues to remain there. Since apparently there is just one 1 pound ticket, I choose the purchase more tickets option and this time choose the 4 pound ticket. Now I have three tickets, a 2 pound, a 4 pound, and a 27 pound. I cannot get rid of the 27 pound ticket. Can anyone explain how to use this site? I have e-mailed Citylink but so far not answer. Thanks.

Posted by Pamela
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Deborah, you're not hearing from anyone. Try posting this on TripAdvisor's forums for Edinburgh. Pam

Posted by Deborah
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Here is what I was told by the Citylink representative: "I would advising booking separate to ensure taking the advantages of the super single." In practical terms I think I would start by entering 1 for number of passengers then checking that for the bus I want, there are at least 2 super single offerings. Then book one ticket, search again and book another ticket.