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City of London

Looking for a budget hotel. Found a new Travelodge, which opens this month, in the center of The City of london, at 23 City Road. According to Rick, this neighbourhood is dull on evenings and weekends, which would be just fine with us.We will just be using the hotel room for sleeping and showering, spending the days out. I just want to feel comfortable and safe when I step out the door. Would love some feedback from anyone who has ever stayed in the neighbourhood....or from anyone who knows the area well.

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It looks like it's about 1/2 mile north of the London city wall, but you'll still be in a great area for sightseeing. As long as the quiet (empty) evenings don't bother you, and you're willing to look a bit harder for places to eat nearby after 4 p.m., you shouldn't have a problem. As far as safety, you should be fine. I spent six months studying in London and never once felt unsafe in the city, even after dark when I was alone - this isn't an area that you should worry about.

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How budget are you looking for?? I just got back from London 2 days ago and even if you are spread outside the Central part, getting there is so easy!

You can try which is located in the heart of central london, or try The last time I got a 3 1/2 star on Hotwire, I received the Hilton Wardorf located next to the Theatre district. In fact I passed by it on the bus and thought to myself "what a great location!"

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The posts are confusing me. Nathalie, you mean The City, the financial district, not the city as in the rest of London?

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City Road runs between Pentonville Road and Moorgate. It's a decent part of London. It is true that it can be quiet at night time but there are plenty of tube stations situated nearby, no matter where you are on the City Road. You are only a few stops on the tube from all the big London attractions. I hope you got a good price on your room. It looks like it could be an ideal location.

I for one would really appreciate any report you could post when you get back. This looks so good I must check it out when I'm in town next month.

Thanks for the tip.