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Chipping Camden or Bourton-on-Water?

Am aware that both villages are ultra-Cotswold-Cutsie, but am seeking affordable B&B accomo's for 2 women of middle years, each desiring single room...Looking for places right in either village, not several miles outside...Impossible to find a "deal", in town, and in a golden-stoned B&B steal? Any suggestions welcomed!

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Try, tho I did look there a little while ago and there isn't much. Even harder is finding a B&B with 2 single rooms. Most only have one, if any. You didn't say if you were driving or if you were going in high-season, but, we have always had good luck by having the TI find something for us. They don't just find accomodation for their town either, but can find it in others as well. You just pop in tell them what you're looking for and how much you want to spend and they do the telephoning. We have found that many B&B's will take less for a room rather than letting it go empty. Not much help..sorry

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Check out

It lists all of the Cotswolds towns at the bottom of the page, then lists several accomodation options for each town with links to their websites.

Also try the official website -

Unfortunately, I've found that most B&B's only have 1 single room, although most will sell you a double for a higher price. You're unlikely to find a double for less than £40-50/person, although singles can be found for £35-40.

I'd also suggest looking into renting an apartment - you'll have to cook for yourselves, but it will save you lots of money.

Also look into Stow on the Wold and Moreton in Marsh - both have good transportation connections.

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You might consider budget Hotels also (check Rick's books for listings). As suggested in a previous Post, you might have trouble finding a B&B with two single rooms available.

I'm not sure about Chipping Campden, but Bourton-on-the-Water wouldn't be my first choice of places to stay. While it might be "cutsie", it's really quiet at night, so might not be as interesting. I stayed in Stow-on-the-Wold (Old Stocks Hotel) and there were some really nice restaurants and Pubs there (also some great shops). I found Stow to be an ideal "home base" for exploring the area.

Happy travels!

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Here is a website for Bourton on the Water~~ ~~~ we stayed in Bourton on the Water and had a great time. Nice pubs, restaurants and tearooms. Also, here is another website~~ they have several B&B's with single rooms just to name a few Broadlands Guest House, Coombe House, Southlands and Lansdown Villa Guest House if you decide to stay in Bourton on the Water I know you will be pleased that you did.