Chelsea Flower show

Good day all. We were thinking of going to the Chelsea Flower show in May 2013 while we are in london. We attended the Malvern tri-county flower show in 2011 and just loved it. Have any of you been to the Chelsea show and enjoyed it (or did NOT)..if so, what tips do you have? Specifically 1. Where and when (do they sell out?) to get tickets 2. Can we get there from most parts of London by train? 3. Is it better to go during the week? In the U.S. it seems most attractions are more busy on weekends but that may not be so in the U.K.
Thanks to all for your kind assistance

Posted by Laura
Virginia, USA
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I went to the Chelsea Flower Show back in 2000. 1) The first couple of days are only open to members of the Royal Horticultural Society, so you will be limited in which days you can visit (unless you become a member). You can buy tickets from their site (although they don't start selling to general public until Dec 1). 2) The show is about a 10 minute walk from the Sloane Square tube stop. 3) I think it is better to go as early as possible during the show period (e.g. the first day that it is open to the public). This is not so much due to crowds as due to the quality of the displays.

Posted by Robin Z
Troy, Oh, USA
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The show is open to the public on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hours for Thursday and Friday are 8am - 8pm, Saturday 8am to 5:30pm. Ticket prices for Thursday and Friday are....all day £55.00, at 3:30pm £34.00 and at 5:30pm £28.00 these are per person. Saturday there is only one price of £55.00.

Posted by Diane
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I went in 2008 and spent all day Friday and Saturday, from opening to closing. I loved it and will go back! It was over the top.