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cheapest to get membership or heritage pass?

we'll be in england, scotland, and wales. a friend said it was cheaper to become a member of the national trust, than pay for each place to visit. i am confused as to whether you have to get passes or become members of each country's national trust, or is there one that is good for any site in the uk?

we will probably be visiting the tate britain, the glenfinnan monument, hampton court castle, herefordshire, hidcote manor gardens, conwy castle, chatsworth, haddon hall, the castle ruin at loch ness, tintern abbey - are all these places we would need a national trust membership or a heritage pass to see? thanks, julie

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Julie, we have joined the Scottish National Trust but none of the others. I don't know of a membership that covers the whole of UK. Check out their sites on line. covers England and Wales; is the Scottish national Trust and p:// also covers some sites in Scotland including Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness. I think you might want to also check the pass . It looks like it has more of the places you'll be visiting. Again, it doesn't cover Scotland. Because there are so many different types of memberships and passes it never worked out to our advantage.

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Generally, National Trust members get into Welsh/Scottish National Trust sites free of charge. I think it works in reverse, but not sure. It seems like you are focusing mostly on England, so why not e-mail National Trust to double check the policies.

Also, in Scotland many sites are run by Historic Scotland, which I think has no connection to any English or Welsh organization.


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On their web site they had a tourist pass for 10 days, I think. But you have to buy on line, each pass is for 2 people, a lot cheaper than joining.
If I remember right they were about $20@, but you have to check it out on the National Trust web page.