Cheap hotels in Manchester

I am going to be traveling to Manchester in the summer of 2013. I would very much like to stay in a hotel that is both nicely accommodating but also affordable. I will in fact need internet service. I will need a single room preferably with a double bed. I am not sure yet about transportation once there. I would first like to try to find a place to stay then move on to that as the next step, thank you for all help and suggestions.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Thalia, are you looking for a short stay or a longer stay in Manchester? You used the terms "Cheap" and "affordable". What does that mean to you in Pounds or Dollars? Do you want central Manchester or could you commute in from the sticks where things may be more affordable?

Posted by Thalia
Excelsior Springs
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I have this sorted, thank you for all replies...quite helpful,appreciate it!