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Changing planes in London

We're traveling to Scotland in the fall. Upon arrival in Heathrow, will we need to consolidate bags (stuff the smaller carry-on into the larger) and jettison our liquids, or can we simply check our bags for the short hop to Turnhouse? We're weighing the possible inconvenience of flying out of Heathrow against the time-commitment of a train to Edinburgh.

All suggestions are welcomed! Thanks.

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If you have the time, the train trip to Edinburgh is nice. We usually break it up with an overnight stop in York, beacuse we love York, but have done it straight through. By the time you go through immigration, check in, check luggage, get through security (and after the Glasgow incident it will be a real pain)you may spend almost as much time as you would on the train!

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When you arrive in the UK, you will have to clear immigration, re-claim your bag, if you checked one, and clear customs. When you get on the plane to go to Scotland, you'll have the same rules as anyone flying from the UK. That means one carry-on, which must fit through the sizer, and the same liquid rules (basically) as we have in the States.

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If you have your checked luggage tagged all the way to Turnhouse, you won't need to collect it at Heathrow. It will be automatically sent to your connecting flight. At Heathrow all transfer passengers have to go through a security screening, and since the UK is your final destination an immigration check as well. It's very rare to encounter customs check in the UK.