Ceremony of the Keys - Tower of London

I am trying to apply for tickets to Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. It requires a self-addressed envelope with British stamps or two "Coupon-response international". The post offices where I live do not carry the :Coupon-response international" and the royal stamps online are only valid for two days. How can I get stamps for my return envelope?

Posted by Joel
Tempe, AZ, USA
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Pam - In looking on the USPS website I found the following. As of January 27, 2013, the U.S. Postal Service no longer sells international reply coupons. However, coupons previously sold by the U.S. Postal Service can still be used or exchanged (see 381.2).

Posted by Pam
Flower Mound, tx
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Thanks. I am not sure how to order them now.

Posted by Stacey
Kansas City
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I went to the main post office in Kansas City and they knew what they were but not how to deal with them. It took about 25 minutes and calls to 3 other post offices. If I had it to do again, I would have ordered them online and paid a small amount and had them mailed to me so I didn't have the hassle. Now that I am looking into it, I saw this notice on a non-usps website "Effective January 27, 2013, the U.S. Postal ServiceĀ® will stop selling International Reply Coupons. However, the Postal Serviceā„¢ will continue to redeem them." I also have not been able to find them on the usps website. This might pose a problem. I looked on ebay and searched for UK stamps, but all I could find were collectable stamps. And the Royal Mail website sure doesn't make it easy to just find some stamps.

Posted by Miranda
Central Indiana, USA
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Contact them via the Tower of London Ceremony of the Keys site. They are aware of the IRC coupon situation and will offer an alternative solution, at least according to some posters on Trip Advisor. They are also switching to online ticketing sometime this year. I think others have bought the coupons from Canada Post as well.

Posted by Cary
Hayden, Idaho, USA
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If you have a hotel booked, contact then and see if they will have the tickets sent to them. This ceremony is SO fabulous; I'm a huge British history buff so I've been three times.

Posted by Darren
Galt, Calif., UK
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I travel to the UK often and have viewed this Ceremony about 8-10 times, so I bought my IRC in bunches............so Pam please message me your address and i will pop one in the mail for you. No payment needed, its only $2. Enjoy my homeland !!

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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The UK post office has also stopped selling IRCs - the claim was that the average number sold was fewer than 1 per annum per PO.

Posted by Chris
Lakeville, MN, USA
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I just got my tickets for a night in July, and I had this same problem. I ended up using the Royal Mail website and printed an envelope from my home computer with British postage. Worked fine, but I paid a little more than necessary since I had to open an account with a minimum of 5 pounds. I got my tickets within a few days, though, so it was pretty smooth.

Posted by Dawn
Montgomery, AL
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If you go ahead and follow the instructions with your letter request and enclose a self addressed envelope, they will put postage and mail it to you. I emailed them 2 weeks ago, they told me this, I immediately sent my letter request and I received my tickets yesterday in the mail.

Posted by Tom
N. Andover, MA
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Let me see if I understand. International Reply Coupons are hard if not impossible to get here in the states. So you send the appropriate wording and enclose one or two self addressed British stamped envelopes? How much British stamps and where do you get them? Tom