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cell phone in Scotland

I will be in Scotland for 4-5 months this winter. International fees are so high that I will suspend my current phone while I am in Scotland. I have never used a track phone but assume purchasing one in Scotland would be my best option?

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Kathleen, They don't have "Trac Phones" in Scotland, but you will be able to easily buy an inexpensive PAYG phone. Either visit one of the network affiliate stores (ie: O2 Telefonica, Vodaphone, 3, etc.) or a store like Carphone Warehouse. I'd suggest using Carphone Warehouse, as they handle all the brands and will be able to provide information on the best one for your situation. Where will you be in Scotland? Happy travels!

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Kathleen, I opted to purchase a dual number cell phone from Telestial It is easy to recharge online and you retain a U.S. phone number as well as a U.K. phone number. Very reasonable and it is delivered to you in the U.S. before you leave. Hope it helps!

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Seconding Ken: Buy a phone when you arrive and sign up for pay-as-you-go-plan. You'll be surprised at how much cheaper it is than U.S. phone rates. You'll find phone shops at the airport and about every 20 feet, if I remember correctly, in Edinburgh.

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Probably not at Turnhouse. It seems like I live there, but maybe I'm blind. Not much of anything on the arrivals level. Upstairs (departures) there's a WH Smith down past the Neros, but I don't know if they sell phones. You might as well go upstairs and snoop around, however. There's only exchange booths and machines on the ground level. Go up the escalator and around the corner and there's some regular bank ATMs.