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CarHire 3000 for car rental in Ireland - two questions

Hi: We're planning our first trip to Ireland next spring. We've rented cars in England (twice), France, and Italy, but we are still reeling from the prices of full CDW coverage for Ireland. WOW. I suppose leprechauns are responsible for all of the damage and car theft . . . . Anyway, I saw a couple of posts on this board mentioning CarHire 3000. First question: Has anyone had experience in making a claim against their "excess waiver" product - that is, the insurance product that they sell for approx. 5 GBP (or is it Euros?) per day that requires you to pay for damage up to the "excess" ("deductible" in the USA) and then apply for reimbursement from CarHire 3000? We'd like to know how complex the process is and how difficult the company is to deal with when a claim is made. Second question: We haven't been able to successfully call them using their toll-free number for USA callers. I must be losing my mind, but can someone please explain how to call the company by phone in the US? THANK YOU!

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