Car Renting in Ireland for dummies

Hopefully this is not going to sound too stupid, but I'm finding the details of renting a car in Ireland (sorry, I guess that should say finding the best deal) confusing. From all I've read here and other sites, I'm supposed to check around different agencies to find the best price, compare coverages, make certain to buy super CDW and read the fine print. What I am finding is that the websites give me the basic rental price, but is very sketchy on how much the super CDW cost and specifically what it covers. I can't find the fine print on most sites, can't tell what the deductibles are and if glass and tires are covered. Prices seem to vary considerably. I've also seen so may contradictory opinions of which agency are bad and which are recommended that my head is spinning. I've tried car rental brokers websites, sites like Expedia to no avail. Is there some kind of trick to this? Some way to get a fair comparison. All I'm looking for is the smallest car available, with GPS and full coverage.

Posted by Gerard
Temora, NSW, Australia
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Warren, doing the same as you for May 13.I couldn't find the details on any of the rental companies sites. I ended up emailing Thrifty; Came back from 18 to 23 E per day.These are paid at the counter.

Posted by Dean
El Cajon, CA, USA
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Warren, I would suggest you take a look at this website:
After you read all this valuable information, I would recommend that you call Bob Bestor at Gemut. I know it says that they are experts for rentals in Germany but I have used them for France and Italy without any problems. Bob Bestor is very helpful. I think what I like best is they give you a 24 hour phone number to call should you have any problems when picking up or dropping off your car rental. Also they can rectify any unwarranted charges that the rental car company may charge to your credit card after you return your car.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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What you want for Ireland is the "super" CDW, which brings your deductible to zero. I can't give you current cost information on it, but I usually rent from Irish Car Rentals, which has a NY office with a tollfree number. As far as rental agencies, there are horror stories out there about every agency. You don't hear the (more often) good experiences that people have because they don't take the time to post them. Tires and glass are rarely covered under regular CDW, but with super CDW you can basically turn in the keys and walk away. I haven't had a claims experience with super CDW, so I can't comment on that.

Posted by John
Pantego, NC, USA
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How long are you there? If over 17 days, a lease might be a cheaper option, especially if you need an automatic transmission.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Warren, A few thoughts to consider..... As mentioned in a previous reply, you'll probably get some good answers by contacting Gemut. They offer a downloadable PDF Rental Car Guide that may help. You could also contact a Travel Agent in your area (or perhaps in Trail), as they may be able to provide some answers. Of course, if you'd rather not deal with the potential problems as described by Cynthia, taking an Ireland tour is another option (the RS tour is excellent!). Good luck!

Posted by Steve
Great Falls, MT, USA
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Warren, You might look into renting from Dan Dooley. They were very helpful for us and they will quote you a price that includes super CDW. What they quote is what you pay. No surprises at the pickup counter.

Posted by Warren
Castlegar, BC, Canada
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Finally settled on using Gemut. Just got off the phone with Andy and have everything all sorted out and booked. The price they got me was lower than what I can get direct from Hertz, and he explained all and answered all my questions. Highly recommended.

Posted by Gerard
Temora, NSW, Australia
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Steve, thanks for the post suggesting Dan Dooley

Posted by Julia
Jericho, Vermont, USA
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Just want to add that we were very happy too with Dan Dooley, and it was a relief to know that when we arrived there would not be additional charges. Plus, you can call their office in the USA, where they are very helpful. Julia