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car rental or public transport between London, Bath, and Cotswolds?

We will be spending a few days in London, Bath, and Chipping Campden. Hope to use public transportation between these three cities/towns. While at Bath and Chipping Campden, hope to rent a car to see nearby sites. How far in advance does one have to rent a car - or is it possible to rent as needed? We were hoping to have a bit of flexibility once we get there.

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My husband and I will be in the Cotswolds area this September and are contemplating the same thing. I realize it will cost more to rent on-the-spot. It makes sense that pre-arranging before you get there, such as with AutoEurop will be a cheaper alternative, but that takes the flexibility factor out of the equation. For those of us willing to consider trading flexibility for higher cost, are there any thoughts as to what the higher cost might be? Are we talking additional 10%, maybe 50% or even 75%? It would help me, and perhaps the OP to determine the feasibility of wanting to be flexible and overpaying for a rental, or foregoing a rental altogether....

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Lots of trains daily from Paddington Station to Bath. Not sure about Bath-Chipping Campden lines. Consider renting a car in Bath and using it to drive up to the Cotswolds. it's not that far.

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Thanks to everyone. Sounds like we have options. The cheaper option is to plan ahead. Flexibility may cost more. Appreciate the advice!