Car Rental in Scandinavia

A friend and I will be taking a 12 day tour to Denmark, Norway, & Sweden. After the tour ends we plan to rent a car in Stockholm to see Uppsala, then head south to Vaxjo and the area near Jonkoping to search for family. We will then go to Norway to see some more museums in Oslo that weren't on our tour before going to Stavanger to search for my family's ancestoral home. We had quite a shock at what the car rental would be with returning the car in Stavanger not Stockholm. We need a car for 6 days. One car for that time would be over $1300!! One option is to return the first car in Jonkoping; take a train to Oslo; then rent another car in Oslo. That would be $1100+. So far we've contacted Auto Europe. Does anyone have any suggestions for reducing the total cost?

Posted by Ed
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One car the whole time to nix the high daily rate of two short-term rentals. Take the car back to where you got it. That's it. No magic solution.