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Car rental in Ireland

Can anyone suggest a car rental company in Ireland? There's five of us (all adults) would a full sized car be enough room for us and luggage for 10 days? Also, I've heard it's not advisable to have a car in Dublin, any thoughts? Thanks so much.

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Every time I have rented in Ireland I have used Irish Car Rental ( They have had the best rates every time I've checked, and they have a US 800 number if you have questions ahead of time. I have driven in Dublin twice, but wouldn't advise it. Parking is expensive (I was staying at a guesthouse that had free parking, but it was a struggle to get to). You don't need a car in the city for any reason. It's very walkable, or there is plentiful public transport.

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Hi Lisa, I have used Auto Europe on three different occasions and always been satisfied. They are a broker and the car you rent will be through one of the major agencies,Hertz,Avis etc. A car is not really required in Dublin. It is a compact city and the whole center city is walkable,also parking is both scarce and expensive. A lot of people pick up their rental car from the airport on their way out of town.There is excellent bus service to and from the airport.

Also buy the super CDW insurance it reduces your deductible to 100 Euros or less.

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I just rented a car in Ireland . I tried first. It kept searching for the "best deals" .... never gave me any info!!! Probably still searching.

I went to both Hertz and National websites and found my best deals with National! Becareful of CDW and super CDW charges. I had to call National for an explanation.

BTW, I will pick up my car at DUB but I do not have any plan to drive in the city.

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I agree you do not need car in Dubs. If you are flying in to Dublin you can either take public transport in to Dublin. Public transportation and walking is the best way to get around Dubs.

I can totally appreciate your concern about a vehicle for 5 adults, luggage and the one item you did not mention .... purchases. You definately need to be able to view the vehicles on the websites(whichever company you go with) because: ie some will show accommidates 4 people & 3 bags etc.. I actually would suggest a mini-van(van)for you all to be comfortable and have room for luggage & extra's

If you are flying AerLingus go to their website they have a partner w/Hertz. The deals are better for some reason w/Hertz via the AerLingus website then by going to the Hertz Europe website. Another website is :

good luck

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Driving in Dublin is not all that difficult, but certainly having a car in Dublin is unnecessary. Don't rent one until/unless you leave Dublin.

As claregirl suggests, a van is probably the right size vehicle for 5 adults, luggage, and purchases. The vans in Ireland tend to be smaller than the vans in the US, so if you're picturing a Dodge SuperUltraMaxiCaravan, you'll be pleasantly surprised (at least I was) at the smaller size you'll find in Ireland. That's a good thing, because many Ireland roads are extremely narrow and you should get the smallest vehicle that can reasonably meet your needs.

Last year we had a "7 passenger" vehicle which was comfortable for the 4 adults and luggage etc on our trip. It would also work for 5 adults, as long as you don't pack like one of our foursome tends to do. He brought his behomoth suitcase that almost warranted a car by itself!

Have a great trip!

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There is an older post that I did regarding this car rental subject but am posting something else here.

On Rick Steeve's Graffiti Board under "archives" under "Car Rental" are some interesting postings regarding CDW insurance, credit card coverages, reading the fine print on the car rental contracts and learning how to say no to car rental agents.

I am waiting for additional information from a company (AIG Insurance) which offers "Excess" insurance to cover that not covered by CDW. I asked them several questions. I am thinking it is like Super CDW? No where on any car rental website can I find "Super CDW" listed.

In these archived postings (from 1998 & 1999) also some good advice for those of us not used to overseas car rental.

Anyone have any comments about any of this? I would be grateful for any help from you all.


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Hi Lisa and Dale,
Being a bit of a "planner" I wanted to know ahead of time what the extra or super CDW would cost before getting to the rental counter in Ireland. (I am a little uncomfortable with the $1000 deductable so wanted the super CDW) From what I can tell, most companies don't quote this and you pay when you get the car. The only one that I could find that had the super CDW as an option at booking is Dooley's. They gave me a great price and I booked and pre-paid in dollars. I have read mixed reviews on Dolley's however on this site. I guess I'm taking a chance. Everyone seems to like AutoEurope but I couldn't get a price on the super CDW and without any super CDW, the cost was the same as Dooley's with the super CDW and unfortunately cost matters more this year than ever. Hope that helps, at least you can check out Dooley's site.

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Also, if you do go with Dooley's, where they ask for any discount code/coupon, put in DOCHARA (an irish visitors web site) for a 10% discount.

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I've booked a car with AutoEurope and I spoke to their customer service folks on the phone. They were able to give me the cost for the Super CDW for my car, even though it won't be charged until I am on site.

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We went to Ireland in Feb 08 and rented from he Avis at the Airport in Dublin. If you are going to stay in Dublin itself, don't rent a car. If you are staying outside the sity or plan to drive to Newgrange or any other site, it is worth it to rent a car. As far as the CDW insurance, check with your local insurance and see if they cover you while you're there. If they do, compare the costs versus what the car rental company sells you. If you chose not to take the rental company's insurance, they will charge you from 2000 euro (compact car) and up for bigger cars on you credit card until you return the car, so be forewarned about that as well...