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Car rental in Derby

My family and I will be taking the train from London to Derby when we arrive in September and I was wondering if there are any car hire places right near the train station?

We're looking at staying in a b&b in the Bakewell area for 2 nights and I figure that it's probably easiest to get there by car as the bus routes seem rather limited. If anybody can suggest an easier way to get there without renting a car I'm open to all suggestions!

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I've never been to Derby in my life.

Using, I found a car rental place (Alamo and National) at roughly the corner of Becket and Bramble. That's a mile from the rail station and a half mile from Bakewell Street. It's between the two.

I saw no other car rental places in Derby.

I have no idea how to connect the dots.

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Sorry...I should have been clearer in my first post. We're staying in the village of Bakewell, not the street, which is about 20 miles away. And I guess I should've said that I was looking at coach routes not bus routes as the terms aren't interchangeable in England...or so I've been told.

Thanks Ed--I'll look at that website and check out those car rental places. Sounds like they may be the closest.

I've noticed that a number of English people frequent this site so if anybody from Derby (or who's been to Derby) has anything to add that would be great too!

I've looked at possibly staying in Derby (and just taking a coach to Chatsworth and Haddon Hall, which are our "must-sees"), but it didn't seem too inspiring a location and I'd much rather stay in an actual English village for a night or two as most of the rest of our stay will be in larger cities. Would we be missing anything if we ignored Derby for something in the countryside or should I follow my instincts?

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Tara - It is some years since I was in Derbyshire but, I may be wrong, I would trust your instincts re staying in Derby. Maybe look at the spa and market town of Buxton?

If you do decide on Bakewell maybe ask your accom provider about a cab service?