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Car Rental fees in Ireland

I priced a car rental with AutoEurope with the Super insurance coverage everyone recommends. The deductible on it is $685 and it does not cover damage to tires even if it is a flat. I think I read info on this board where people had rented cars and were able to get coverage with a zero deductible or better than the $685. Any suggestions????

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I rented a car through Auto Europe in June. The car was with Avis who sold the insurance and not Auto Europe. There was no deductible as I lost a wheel cover and had to pay nothing. This was at the Donegal airport but I am assuming it would be the same regardless of where you pick up the car.

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Check the prices for Dooley (they have a web site). I just rented a car for ten days at $37/day with the CDW and super CDW that brings the deductible to $100. When it asks for a coupon put in "dochara" that adds a 10% discount. Regards

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Yes, you pay for the super CDW when you pick up the car. I've never had a problem shifting with the opposite hand. I am lefthanded, though, so it seemed natural to me anyway. It's only awkward the first few times you shift, then it is fine.

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So am I correct that once you rent the car in the US, you pay for the Super CWD when you get to Ireland to pick it up? I pay it to the local agency where I get the car? Another question, if I am comfortable driving a manual car in the US is it fairly easy to make the change to shifting on the opposite side when driving in Ireland?

Thanks for all your help!!

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The shifting pattern is the same (1st gear in upper left, 5th gear in upper right, etc.). For me shifting was easy, but I've been driving manual transmission cars all my adult life. I found it very helpful to remind myself that whether one drives on the right or on the left, the driver sits on the side of the car that is closest to the center line.

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When I rented in Ireland thru AutoEurope(avis) they offered a walkaway policy.It covers everything with no deducible.For peace of mind you cant beat it and it wasnt costly.