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car rental drop off - Glasgow or Stirling

Hello, Our trip finishes with two nights in Glasgow. We had planned to drop off the car when we arrive in Glasgow but as we are in Stirling beforehand I was wondering if it made sense to drop off the car there and train into the city? And if so, would I need to buy train tickets in advance or is it easy enough to buy tickets in person on the day? Many thanks for any information you can provide.

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If you can ditch the car in Stirling, you may as well. It is an easy train ride to Glasgow... Pam

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Looks like about 8GBP per person for the train and about half an hour. It doesn't appear that early purchase makes much difference. If you can save a day's car rental cost, it is probably cost effective to return in Stirling and train to Glasgow. If you will pay for the day, regardless of where you return the car, the train would be an additional cost. Another consideration is the ease of getting from the train to hotel. Lastly, how difficult is the drive into Glasgow to the hotel and to the return area? As I have never been to Glasgow, I am unfamiliar with driving in town.

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If you've been up north the scenery will be different along the M80, The drive's less than an hour, Driving in Glasgow is easy. Gas for the drive will be about ten bucks. A small is going to be costing about twenty dollars a day. It's not the day you turn in the car that matters, it's the hour. Note the time on the renatal agreement, that's when the meter ticks over to another day, not the date.

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Thanks everyone, I'll discuss with my travel companions!