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car rental and excess insurance in Ireland

Hello- Will be traveling to Ireland (first time) and would like suggestions on buying the excess waiver down (super cdw) but have also heard that in using a thrid party that they are a nightmare to deal with). Hhas anyone bought the car rental through AAA, and then had all the fees paid for in the US, prior to the trip, so there are no surprises? WE really don't want to pay an exhoribtant fee for 1 week rental- Can you suget anything to help us?

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I don't know about the fees, but just a reminder, you'll be driving on the opposite side of the road and if you have a manual (which I understand is 'standard' for car rentals in Ireland) the stick is on the opposite side also. I told this to my friends and we opted for a tour instead, and walking and busing it around Dublin. D.

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1. Always take the advice of somebody who tells you not to do what that person has not done himself, even if the question was not asked. 2. Buy full cdw from the rental agency. Stay away from third-party vendors. This is not my recommendation except in the case of Ireland.

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We rented from Dan Dooley Car Rental (picked up the car at the Dublin Airport) we paid for the super CDW (zero deductible) and for an automatic transmission. We lost a hubcap and bent a tire rim at one point and all was covered.
It was great "peace of mind" to know that we were covered.

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We just got back. Our auto rental had a $1300 EU excess/deductible that we needed to cover. We looked at the "rip off" CDW prices and looked elsewhere. First of all, most CDW does not cover windshields, tires, wheels, underbody damage, etc. Most do not cover re-scheduling your car if you damage it, towing, locking your keys in your car, putting in the wrong type of fuel, etc. We bought a supplemental policy thru a UK website that was talked about in the Daily Mail, and were happy with the results. We had to make a claim for the costs incurred when I put in the wrong type of fuel. After I sent in the claim, they were prompt with the payment. The neat thing about the supplemental policies is that you can buy one for the trip, or for the year. Our 9 day rental policy cost about $35 US. A one year policy was around $50 US. We searched thru the policies offered by the broker, and found one that covered US citizens. You can also look at policies thru Thomas Cook and see if Travel Guard has a policy. Gemut has an awesome rental car primer that you may want to read:

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Mary - In May 2012 we rented a car from Hertz and added the Super CDW. We were told the only 3 things not covered by Super CDW were 1) Loss of vehicle keys. 2) Putting the wrong kind of fuel in the vehicle. 3) Tire damage. As a side note I checked the spare tire before we left the Hertz lot and found it to be unusable. They swapped it out with another vehicle and we were on our way.

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Yes, we actually did PREPAY a rental from home. The entire deal was through Hertz. At the time Hertz would give you a break on the insurenace IF you prepaid. When we arrived at Dublin to start our trip they tried to unload the oldest, junkiest (due to the roads, Ireland has some truely beat up cars) car that they had on us. We were to be there for a month so I refused the car but since we had prepaid I really had very few options. We just sat down and waited. When they saw that we were firm about it, they quickly found a new car which was much better equiped, etc.
Ireland is a very tricky place to rent a car because so many insurance companies exempt Ireland. This is all made worse by the roads. If I were to go again I think I would use someone like Autoeurope or just use Hertz, do it there, and pay for the CDW there as well.

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I'm curious about George's response. He didn't like how he was treated by Hertz, but would go back to them. Hmmm. Every time I have gone to Ireland (three trips out of four, anyway) I have bought the super CDW at the rental counter. The only time I didn't do that, I relied on coverage from my credit card (never again, anywhere!). My concern with third party insurance is the same as credit card insurance - having to pay the damages and wait to be reimbursed. Maybe it would go well, maybe not.

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Well we always get the CDW (indeed it does not cover lost keys, ruined tires or putting in the wrong fuel - how clueless do you have to be huh?). Anyway, if you're comfortable driving a stick you'll quickly get used to having it on your left. First time I was so busy making sure I stayed on the correct side of the road I just shifted without even thinking about it. Surprised the heck out of me when I realized it.