Canterbury Cathedral

We will be in the Canterbury area for two days the end of May. Do you have ANY lodging suggestions that are reasonable? And what do you suggest besides the cathedral? We have a car. Thanks! Diane

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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AFter Canterbury (by the way, the Canterbury Tales exhibit was hokey but still fun if you know the stories), you could visit Bodiam Castle, tour the Battle 1066 battlefield (audio guides are available), then head to Hastings which is full of interesting old medieval buildings and has a fascinating seafront. It's only 53 miles from Canterbury to Hastings, so you could do a roundtrip if that's where your hotel is located. To get a feel for Hastings, watch a few episodes of Foyle's War.

Posted by Roy
Fredericksburg, VA, USA
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We stayed near Leeds Castle at a stunning B&B (yes, a little pricey) called Thurnham Keep in Maidstone. With a car, we were able to visit Leeds Castle (did a segway tour there), Canterbury, Dover, and Rye.

Posted by Cynthia
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
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I thought of two more: Igtham Mote (for that one, you might enjoy reading Green Darkness by Anya Seton!) and Hever Castle (if you can still stand the Boleyn family after watching the Tudors). You could visit all five locations - it's only a 150 mile loop - but you would need to spread them over two days or you would probably suffer from "history fatigue." We stayed in Tonbridge Wells when we did that trip.

Posted by Ron
southwest, Missouri, U.S.A.
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Hello Diane. I was at Canterbury, in October of 2011. Walking through Canterbury cathedral does not require much time. I perceived that the old town Canterbury is a tourist trap. You might like to go on a boat ride on the Canterbury river. If I were to be at the Canterbury area for two days, with a car, I would go to Bodiam castle.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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I realise I've mentioned it so many times before that people probably assume I work for the local tourist board; but I don't, and I still recommend you visit Whitstable, just a few miles from Canterbury. It is our favourite, by some way, southern coastal town.

Posted by david
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You didn't mention Dover Castle. Hopefully that was an omission. If not, definitely go there. Hastings is a working class town. Somewhat interesting, but quite out of the way and worth visiting if you are a Foyle's War fan and want to see the 1066 battlefield. A tremendously significant battle, the ruined abbey and the museum are of interest. The battlefield is acutally in the town of Battle, a few miles up the road from Hastings. Having said the above, and not knowing the reason for staying in Canterbury, I would recommend considering staying in Hastings. Take one day to drive to Dover and see the Castle and Canterbury. Take the second day to drive to Arundel to tour Arundel castle, Brighton and the Pavilion, and Beachy Head and back to Hastings. If you have the interest, make a quick stop by the Battle of Hastings battlefield.

Posted by Pauline
BROADSTAIRS, Kent, United Kingdom
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When you drive into Canterbury look for the Park and Ride car parks and park the car and use the bus to get into the centre of the city. It costs £3:00 per car buy the tickets from the machine at the car park. Parking in the city is almost impossible and the buses run every few minutes.

Posted by Jim
Crystal Lake, IL, United States
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We were just at Canterbury last week.. took a train to Canterbury, toured the Cathedral and wondered around town.. there were a few interesting sites - you can go online and download the Christopher Marlowe walk which will point out places of interest from his life... Then we took a train on to Dover Castle... amazing.. For me it's a must see if you're in Canterbury.. 5 years ago I went to Bodiam Castle and loved it.. Hastings (Battle Abbey) is interesting as is the Ancient City of Rye... Can't help with lodgings as we stayed in London. Lots to do! But of the list above my first choices would be Dover Castle and Bodiam Castle. Have fun, Jim

Posted by nancy
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i liked the Abode hotel on the high street, Canterbury.

Posted by Diane
Bolton, MA, USA
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Thanks so much! No, I had no idea about Dover Castle. Love your ideas!!!! Diane

Posted by Rebecca
Nashville, TN, USA
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In Canterbury, see the Roman Museum. It's the remains of an old Roman townhouse with floor mosaics. It also has a reconstructed Roman house with kitchen, and a reconstructed cobblers' shop, displaying some Roman sandals they found on this site. Also on display are Roman artifacts dug up at this site; Samian pottery, glassware, silverware, and also Roman grave headstones.

Posted by Therese
Canterbury, Kent, UK
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I am Dutch and my husband is French so we do a lot of sightseeing with family and friends. My own favourites in the area are Whitstable, a charming little fishing port, 20 minutes drive from Canterbury, Goodnestone Park Gardens - imagine walking into a Jane Austen novel! - again 20 minutes drive from Canterbury. For the best typically English country pub, go to the Griffin's Head, Chillenden (near to Goodnestone Park). They serve good food, and it's a very old building in a lovely setting. Dover Castle's history is strongly linked to the Cathedral, so a favourite too. It's smaller 'sister' castle, a little north of Dover is Walmer Castle, from where you can visit - walking along the coast from the castle is best - Deal, an unspoilt seaside town. Both Walmer and Dover Castle are English Heritage properties and it may be advantageious to buy an English Heritage visitor pass. I trust you will visit 'my' Cathedral, which I think is the best in the world!
Have fun in Kent! Therese

Posted by Kristie
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Dover Castle is absolutely amazing. A wonderful place to visit. It does an excellent job presenting three of my favorite periods of history: Anglo/Saxon, Medieval, and WWII.

Posted by Darren
Galt, Calif., UK
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I just stayed at Bulltown B&B a 15th century farmhouse just outside of Ashford, east access to Canterbury anb its about 5-10 min off the motorway, it is a few miles on a 1 1/2 lane road but the area is beautiful. Very reasonable too.