First of I want to thank everyone who has already given me such great advice for a variety of topics I've posted here. :) I'm going to be a pest yet again as I have another issue! For those who don't know me already, I am flying out for London on Wednesday morning and all the packing has been done and I'm all set to go. :) But I have an issue with my camera. I don't have one of those neat small digital cameras that can just fit into my pocket. I have a Canon SX30IS which is considerably larger. The issue I face is what do I do with it? I will be carrying a laptop bag and my handbag (which at a pinch the camera can just about fit into), but I am wondering if it would be better either putting it in my suitcase, or carrying it around my neck and possibly looking like a definite tourist and possible theft possibility.
Once I get to Heathrow I have over an hour and 15 minutes by train to get to my final destination, so I'm trying to work out the best possible way of making sure the camera gets to where I'm going in one piece, but being as comfortable as possible and not trying to load myself down with too much. If that makes sense? So does anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you so much !

Posted by Ken
Spring, Texas
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I think I have a Canon SX20IS so it is probably similar. In any case, it's not a pocket sized model. I carry it in my backpack with my laptop. Once I get to my destination, I carry it around like any good tourist. Believe me -- everyone can spot you as a tourist even without a camera. I would also recommend you lose your handbag and rely on pockets and money belt. It took my wife several trips to do it but she will now travel around the US without one. The value of a second hand camera is pretty low so it would not typically be the object of a theft. They will steal (cut if necessary) handbags and backpacks in the hope of getting cash or other valuables. A laptop is worth stealing so carrying a laptop bag just advertizes the target.

Posted by Linzi
Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA
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Thanks Ken ! I don't know how comfortable I would feel not having my, but like your wife I would probably get used to it. I had planned on putting my laptop bag into my suitcase once I had cleared customs, so that would be one less thing to carry. I don't actually have a backpack, and I don't know if it's just me or not but I feel more secure having things in front of me just in case. When I've travelled in the past with my laptop bag and my handbag I've had my handbag over my shoulder but in front of me so I could hold onto it, and then my laptop bag over the same shoulder but at my side. Either way I've been able to have hold of both bags at all times. It's definitely given me something to think about for sure! I guess I've been lucky in the past with carrying things the way I have and not even had a money belt, just my purse in my bag. It's just this time I have a larger camera than I usually
But will definitely look into getting a money belt just to be on the safe side :)

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Linzi, I'd suggest packing your Camera inside your carry-on Handbag during air travel. Perhaps you can make some additional room by "reorganizing" the contents of the handbag? If you're planning to check your larger luggage, DO NOT pack the Camera in checked luggage (it may not be there when you arrive at your destination). When you arrive in London, placing the Laptop bag inside your suitcase would simplify things. At that point you could remove the Camera from the handbag and just carry with the strap (you may want to take some pictures during the 1H:15M train journey). Happy travels!

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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I have packed my DSLR in my suitcase, but only inside a camera case that has foam. And I pack the lens and body separately. The only time I did this was when there were a lot of security issues and they were threatening to not let you have any carry ons--not even a book! Whew, that is not happening! So, I typically pack my camera in my backpack carry on. But I can put it in my purse too. I usually check my suitcase as I carry walking sticks and a tripod which in many cases does not clear security as a carryon. I did buy a covering for my camera to give it some protection since I often don't have a nice padded camera bag anymore. Pam