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Calling London from US - What Do I Dial First?

When calling London from the US, what do I dial before dailing the number? I have an AT&T phone card?

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Not sure about using a calling card but generally you dial 011 followed by country code (44) followed by the #

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I have to call home all the time.

Let's use a fictional Nottingham phone number

0115 9123456

0115 is the UK dialling code for Nottingham

9123456 is my home phone number

When I'm dialling from a standard phone in the US I dial 0044 to connect me to the UK

I then drop the 0 from the Nottingham dialing code so the next digits I press are 115

I then add my home phone number of 9123456

After a few seconds the phone rings and I'm connected.

So the full number I dial is 00441159123456

Do I write this down on a pad before I dial ? Every time !

How that works with an AT&T card I don't know but that's how I do it from office phones in Chicago, Dallas and Vegas.

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4555 posts sure you didn't dial 011 instead of 00 from phones in the U-S? 00 is the overseas access code in Europe, but for North America lines, it's 011 for station to station, and 001 for collect, etc.