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Cabs in London

How many passengers can a London cab take - we are a family of 6. We won't have luggage with us. A friend has recommended at times taking a cab to see some of the sights eg. from Westminster to Buckingham Palace. Would you have an idea of how much a trip such as this would cost?

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I'm over 55, not in great shape but walked everywhere in London without any probelm. Very walkable city. As a previous poster said St. James park is a wonderful park to stroll through on your way from Westminister to Buckingham Palace. Now from the Palie to The Tower of London is another story but with the tube and busses no need for a cab. The new busses are great! To get a bird's eye view of how close things are in London, use the Google Maps website and
type in Buckingham Palace London England. When the map pops up click on the satellite button and see for yourself. Enjoy your visit.

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Hi Pam.

Most 'black cabs' will only take 4 or 5 passengers at most, but it is possible to hire what is known as a 'minicab', which despite the name, can be almost any size of vehicle. The difference is in the regulations governing them.

While I wouldn't normally recommend a minicab over an 'official' cab (I work in London and use cabs frequently), for your requirements, it makes sense, as many minicab companies have larger MPV/mini-van style vehicles, with 6 or 7 seats plus driver. Your hotel should be able to contact a reputable minicab company and arrange one for you.

My advice would be to arrange the price in advance, as if the meter is running it could easily clock up quite a price, if you weren't aware, leaving you with a large bill. Arrange to hire the minicab for a set period of time for a set price and you should be ok.

Above all, enjoy your trip!

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The distance from Westminster to Buckingham Palace is not very far and highly walkable esp. since most of it is through St. James Park.(think benches!). I agree on taking those wonderful London cabs
when there is a real distance involved for a family.
Check your maps carefully so you can try to figure out distances and what is walkable.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I should have mentioned that we were keen to experience a ride in a London cab while we were there - someone had mentioned that some cabs have a little pull down seat that increases there seating capacity - but that is probably increasing it to 4 or 5!! It looks like we will need to use 2 cabs if we want to experience this. Would anyone be able to estimate the cost of a short journey say from Westminster to Buckingham Palace??

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Pam, if you will not have luggage, then I'd walk, take the bus, or take the tube over a taxi.

The only way I'd suggest a taxi if one of your group members has a hard time walking. One of my friends is very overweight and the walk was hard on her, even at her own leisure pace

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Estimated cost of a black cab Taxi from Westminster to Buckingham Palace is GBP10.00.

I have total respect and admiration for Black Cab drivers but they aren't cheap and they have to make a living.

You can get 5 people in a Black Cab.