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Cab or Shuttle to Dublin Hotel from Airport?

Which is most efficient for time and cost? Arriving Oct 24 in the late afternoon and staying at Pembroke Townhouse.

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Bus for sure. Cab would cost a fortune. The 747 and 748 both go to the Temple Bar area for 6 Euro.

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City bus or the airport shuttle. Not a cab.

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we were in Dublin last month-took a bus from airport to O'Connell Street across from Post Office-took around 45 minutes and they had places to put your luggage on the bus-sure was cheaper than any other way and we got to " chat " with some nice Irish people as a bonus ! Kathy

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We took a cab and it was expensive and the guy drove slower than my grandmother so it took forever, not to mention he wouldn't shutup the entire time. I guess that Irish people are part of the charm of being there but after a sleepless 6 hour overnight flight I wasn't exactly in the chatting mood!

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We took a cab from the airport on Aug 30, 2007 and it cost the two of us 24E and we enjoyed the tour guide driver. We also took a cab back to the airport, but, shared it with another couple so it worked out to about 15E/couple. We normally walk, take a bus, or subway wherever we go but for the first time in Ireland we are glad we took the cab, especially after being in Europe for 2 weeks prior to Ireland and after another 17 days in Ireland.

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Just did this a few weeks ago. Definitely take the bus/shuttle. It goes right downtown and is fast and easy. And if you are planning on taking a bus tour around the city (which I highly recommend as it's great way to get a tour and transportation)-then get a package deal that includes the air shuttle and tour bus etc.
I normally hate that type of "touristy" thing but I have to admit it's a good deal and a great way to get a sense of the city:)

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Definitely the Air Coach. Be sure if you take the air coach back to the airport to stand at the stop and signal to the driver that you wish to board his/her bus. I saw the bus go past several people because it was busy and crowded near the stop and the driver must have thought they were waiting for another bus.

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We took a cab 2 years ago, on a Sunday. What was to have been a 25gbp ride, increased to 50, because "it was Sunday". I'm sure we were robbed, but who knows. I've recently been burned in Rome. So, unless you are too tired from a long trip, I advise doing anything but a cab, unless you get very specific answers before you get in: What is the approximate fare, right now, today, at this time? Including all riders? Including luggage? Any surcharges, etc., etc.