Buying DEET in Poland

We will be travelling to Baltic region then on to Africa this summer and know we will need to restock on DEET. Does anyone know if you can buy it in Poland and if so what to look for on the label, cuz I doubt it will be in English.

Posted by Cynthia
Fernandina Beach, Fl, United States
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Thank you re the Mugga tip, will look for that one. Just googled Off and found out that SC Johnson, makers of Off, have an office in Poland so I may be able to find that brand as well. Also, thanks for the Off towelette suggestion -- we use them, but find that the pump spray gives better coverage and can be applied easily to clothes as well, and while in Africa...I assume we'll need coverage. Thank you all for your help!

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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Can't you take enough bottles of Ben's 100% in your paranoia bag? Depending on how many other liquids you have you whould be able to take eight or ten bottles.