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Bus Tour of the Cotswolds?

We are returning to Bath in May 2008 and are looking for a bus tour of the Cotswolds. Unfortunately the day we have available is a Monday - a day that Mad Max Tours does NOT offer its Cotswolds tour. My wife and I are looking for a one day tour starting and ending in Bath. It would be ideal if the tour stopped in Tetbury since my family came from there - but I know that may be asking a bit much.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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You may be a little early in your trip planning. There is another tour company in Bath: Scarper Tours. You could go to the general Bath website. May could be still "off-season" and too early for the full tour schedule. I've tried to book tours while in Bath, and had one cancelled because not enough people had signed up. You might try to find a driver for a private tour.

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Swan...what a great name for a tour company! To "scarper" is to run away, or escape, in UK English slang.....just the way I feel when I start a holiday :)

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Thanks for the prompt replys! I tried Scarper Tours - unfortunately they are concentrating on trips to Stonehenge only.

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A few years ago we were in London and back out to the airport to rent a car for a week and drove up into the Cotswolds region. We stayed a a Bed and Breakfast in Stow-on-the-Wold. My husband hiked the trails around the Lower and Upper Slaughters. We made day trips from our Bed and Breakfast. There used to be a public bus line that went into Stow, but no trains near there. I guess it still runs. If you don't mind driving "on the wrong side", maybe you could rent a car from Bath to explore the area you have in mind. You need someone to explain to you "Round abouts" or traffic circles. You will be going around them the opposite way we would. Googled searched and found a limo service -
- Not sure how expensive it would be, but maybe you could call them and design a trip to included the town you want to see too. Also saw this from the Windsor hotel in Bath -
- or contact your Bath hotel.

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Check out tours starting in Stratford-upon-Avon. We did a day trip from there through the Costwolds a few years ago. You could catch an early train to Stratford and do the trip, then catch a late train back to Bath.