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Bus Svc for early Sunday A.M. flight out of Dublin airport

I'm going to be visiting family in Meath early September and want to spent my last couple of days in Dublin.

My flight leaves at 0900 on Sunday Sept 14. I need to be at the airport by 0700. I don't believe bus service to Dublin airport starts that early on a Sunday morning.

  1. Isn't there another Airport Bus service I can take that goes directly to Dublin airport?

  2. Can anyone suggest a decent hostel or B&B in Dublin where I would pick up the airport bus close by?

thanks for any advice.

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alyson, Don't know how much you want to spend but there is a Holiday Inn Express Airport that has a shuttle bus and is only about ten minutes from the airport. My daughter got a good price there through Hotwire.

I "think" there is an Air Link bus that leaves from O'Connell Street as early as 5:15 but do not know where it starts from. Maybe someone else here does or you can e-mail Dublin Bus and they will eventually get back with you.

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Aircoach offers 24/7 bus service from central Dublin to the airport.

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Dublin is a long way by bus from the airport; so be sure that whoever you hire to take you knows the time you must be there.

Ask your B&B owner as soon as you arrive; you may have to take a taxi at that hour. To find a hostel do a google search for 'Dublin hostel'. Same search for a B&B.

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Thanks for the replies.

If I stay in central Dublin it looks as though the Airlink bus which runs 24/7 will pick me up in plenty of time.

I might just stay closer in to the airport too.

Early Sunday morning can't be too bad with less commuter traffic I would think.