Bus from Dublin to Belfast[INVALID]where to buy tickets?

Hi everyone, We leave for our trip (first ever) next week and I am so excited. I've booked a lot of things in advance but one thing I'm not booking online is our bus from Dublin to Belfast. We are taking the ferry over from Holyhead on a Monday evening, then we plan to visit a pub in Dublin and hang out for awhile before taking a late bus to Belfast, where we will then walk to our hotel in Belfast. From what I can tell, the Goldine 200 runs every hour from Dublin to Belfast. My question is, we would like to get the bus at Busaras in Dublin, but does anyone know if you can buy tickets there? Do we have to go to the airport to buy tickets? I tried to buy online but the only option I get is Belfast to Dublin, which is not the route I want. Thanks for your help!

Posted by Bonnie
Boston, MA
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At Busaras there will be a ticket counter. If it is open, buy the tickets there. If it isn't (since you mention a late bus), you will purchase the tickets from the bus driver as you board.