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budget accomodations in london

hello everyone,

this is my first post. my husband & i are going to be making our first trip to europe this september =). we'll be spending 5 days & 4 nights in london. i'm trying to get some recommendations for a good, reputable budget hotel. i'd like to stay somewhere in central london since most of the attractions we'll be seeing are within the city limits, although we'll probably take one or two side trips - still trying to decide on that part. i'm looking for a double ensuite room, preferably with at least a continental breakfast included in the price. our budget is $100-$150 USD per night. i realize that's not a lot of money for an expensive city like london but as long as it fits the above criteria it's fine with me - i don't need anything fancy & don't expect it for that price. thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer =)

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We stayed at the St. David's Hotel,, and really liked it. The beds were comfortable, everything was clean, and the staff was friendly. Their current rate for an ensuite double is 75BP (about 150USD), which includes a full breakfast. I suggest sticking to the very upper parts of your price range. A double in London for $100USD would almost definitely be scary.

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Hi check the Travelodge site.You may well be able to pick up Saver or even Super saver rooms for £26/£15 this far in advance. Even if not right in the centre of london even if you but a travel card you should still be in-pocket
Formule1 have place.
The Ibis chain, have an offer if booked 30 days ahead. , worth a look also.Check the colour scheme for the rooms, some early incarnations were vivid orabge.Think they learnt the lesson.

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We booked at Travelodge. As with the previous post, they have super saver rates, some days at some locations.

The location we selected didn't offer the supersaver rates, but we have a Family Ensuite 65#. So I would say that would be the high rate.

Breakfast is not included but most have a cafe where you can purchase the breakfast of your choice.

Try to read guest reviews as some locations are better then others.

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The Kyrad Princess in Bayswater meets your criteria.
It is about $130 per night with a good breakfast. It
is also in walking distance to two tube stops,
Bayswater and Queensway. For a good list of hotels
in London that meet your needs go to
and check out a number of options.

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We were in London last year. We stayed at a Travel Inn (on a tour) and saw that they are all over London/England. Our room was large, with a tub and coffee pot. It was nice and being a chain may be a good price. I don't know if breakfast is included. Enjoy London.

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You may be able to save a bit if you are willing to stay a little bit out of London and take the train back and forth every day. I've done the reverse on a business trip when I wasn't paying the tab: Stay in London and take the train to Reading every day. (Reading is about 30 minutes by train west of London.) Be sure to check tickets costs to make sure those don't negate the hotel savings.

Also, don't confine your search for hotels in London to the West End or central London. Those are the most popular and most expensive areas. You almost certainly will use the Tube, so why not use it to and from your hotel?

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I have to agree with a previous post. Cherry Court Hotel. The staff is friendly and (for London) the price for the quality does not get much better. Don't expect much - other than a roof a bed and an ensuite bathroom. You get a bag for breakfast and you can be on your way. I hope you have fun on the trip. Be sure to catch a football (soccer) game!!!!

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Look in for accommodations. I have used them a couple of times and found reasonaably priced rooms. I stayed in the Earl's Court area, which is just a few minutes by tube from Victoria and other parts of London. For central city hotels, the Victoria Station area may be best, but there aren't many places within your budget range there. I stayed at a hotel in West Hampstead last fall. The rates were lower there than they would have been in central London. The tube trip back and forth was about 30 minutes.

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I went 2 x's last year and used Once I stayed at the Hilton Wardorf for $110 per night (yes dollars not pounds!!) and the other time it was the Crowne Plaza and it was less than $125.

When you select hotwire get the cheapest price but the most stars. I think the Hilton was a 3 1/2 star hotel.

If you want super cheap and clean but a shoe closet, go to ITs a no frills but the hotels are centrally located.