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Buckingham Palace Change of Guards

I was just wondering, does any have any advice to give regarding seeing this? Where is the best spot to stand to see all the action, how early to go to secure a good spot?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Best spot is the Victoria statue in the center directly across from the main gate (recommended by RS London Guide). During the summer, I arrived about 1 hour before the start and was able to climb up to sit on a small ledge along the statue. You can see the horse guard and the marching guards enter from all sides. You can also hear the concert perfectly well from here.

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For a nearly unobstructed view of the ceremony (although you won't see the procession coming in), you can try squeezing up against the gate, but you probably need to arrive ridiculously early to grab a spot. So, the base of the statue is probably best.

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One of the best spots we ever had to see the ceremony was close to the right end of the fence that surrounds the Palace in a big semi-circle. During the change, two pairs of guards march across the width of the palace frontage, and they come right up close to the fence before turning about. When we were there, there was a family of about 10 people to see their son/nephew/brother/uncle make his first appearance in the ceremony. He always made a few comments or tossed off a joke before he and his partner wheeled about to make their return journey. As well, you'll get fine close-up photos of the pair in their uniforms.