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Brock's Guest House in Bath

Has anybody stayed at Brock's while in Bath? Rick's book indicated Debbie and Mike Cavell, but my correspondence with the guest house was from Richard and Sammy. Sounds like a great place...Thanks for input!

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Vicki, my wife and I stayed there 3 years ago, and it was owned and operated by a woman who had done so for a long time. I can't recall her name, but she was featured in the RS video of Bath. It is very nice and in a good location.

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We just returned from a lovely stay in Bath. we enjoyed the hospitality of the Elgin Villa. Anna,the owner, is a well-prepared hostess and great cook as well! This was a pleasant walk to town. Be sure to enjoy the "Bizarre Bath" walk which leaves from the Huntsman Pub in the evening. Rain or shine don't miss it!

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Marion Dodd is the name of the lady that did run the place, but the Cavell's were the last people that I heard that had it. I am not sure who Richard and Sammy are though.
I have stayed at Pratt's before, and it really is as Rick says "proper and old English." I found the staff very helpful. It is also very centrally located.
Bath has always been pricey, but I have noticed this year alot of the accomodation prices have greatly increased. I am going to have to be extra careful booking my trip this year.
Hope all goes well for you.