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Brit pass

can't decide if I should buy a pass before I go. and which one. I'm Staying in Cambridge 12 days. will travel 3-4 days to London and 1-2(overnighter) towards Cotswolds area.
I hesitate to commit myself to which days I want to go etc?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you get a pass, it looks to me like the Days Out of London pass would be your best choice. Note, however, that while it will get you to the Cotswolds, it doesn't cover all routes in that area. On the other hand, cheap day return tickets are only a little more than single tickets. Go to, enter your routes, and do some some cost comparisons.

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Consider a BritRail pass. We often get the one that lets you travel 8 out of 15 days. Good on any lines to any UK desitination!

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www. transportdirect.
Found this site other day very useful
As well as;
And ,
With National express,and with a bit of pre booking, you can get "funfares" as low as £1 on some routes, and £4 /£6 fares are quite common.
Megabus also run trains on some very limited routes.Actually they sell off tickets on other companies trains. You can pick up say, Manchester to Edinburgh for£3 , and Edin. to Man for £5. More of intrest to you Cambridge-Oxford is £1(megabus)
Even by purchasing "normal" train tickets before 6pm on the day before travel you should get a good saving.

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the website of moneysavingexpert,(a uk site) also has a travel section.Post your route, someone may have the best answer.
Uk rail fare are bizarre.I travelled to Cardiff from the north and the RETURN was £1 cheaper than the single.