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With the rain in Ireland, does anyone recommend wearing rain boots? I won't be hiking in them..just touring around towns and pubs.

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Ive been to the UK twice already, in London and Lancashire, so in my 17 days of UK time, it did not rain once. Even though everyone warned me about rain. I did have an umbrella just in case....

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Tami, you've officially exhausted your rain free vacation days for the UK! Either that or you've been usurping mine. ; ) That said, I wouldn't bring rain boots. Rather, make sure that you've sprayed your shoes with silicon spray and take two pairs of shoes. You need to swap out shoes part of the time anyway or your feet get tired and it will give your shoes time to dry if you've got a particularly wet bit. Pam

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The only situation where rain boots might prove worth the hastle of lugging them around would be a long, sustained rain storm. Yes, it does rain often in Ireland, but generally in short, light intervals.